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PRME Anti-Poverty Working Group

Vision Statement

This vision of this PRME working group is to be advocates for the integration of poverty-related discussions into all levels of management education worldwide. Our vision is grounded in our beliefs that:

· Poverty is a legitimate topic for discussion and research in schools of business and management 

· Business should be a engaged in innovative, profitable and responsible approaches to poverty reduction 

· Multiple stakeholder engagement is needed for informed, innovative curriculum development 

In our role as advocates, we will:

· Work with management educators, researchers and professions committed to integrating poverty into the business curriculum 

· Create opportunities for multi-stakeholder discussions 

· Foster discussions that lead to tangible results 

· Disseminate reports as needed 

· Facilitate a global repository for innovative curricular approaches and learning methods that embed poverty deeply in management education 


We will work on this issue until discussions of poverty are deeply embedded in all levels of management education worldwide. Then we will disband.

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